The Spanish photovoltaic module manufacturer has produced several MW for projects of great public interest

Zytech Solar continues to expand its international presence and take a firm hold in those markets it has penetrated in recent years. Such is the case with the great Latin American market, where the Spanish company continues to grow both in ever increasing market presence and sales value. Within its Latin American consolidation strategy, Zytech has sales representation in Mexico and has recently opened a new office in Chile with a specialized marketing team.

Zytech Solar, is a Spanish photovoltaic module producer with an excellent value for money and great versatility in making project-specific adaptations. It is precisely this flexibility which has enabled it to secure bids on diverse projects throughout Latin America, including Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua

Instalación aislada SIE Bolivia LR

Instalación aislada SIE Bolivia LR

Since Zytech Solar’s arrival on the American continent five years ago, it has marketed several MW of modules. Nevertheless, in recent months sales in this zone have risen significantly and photovoltaic installations with Zytech modules, the majority off-grid, have surpassed 1000kW. But beyond quantity, what really satisfies the Zytech people « is the great human, social and environmental value of some of these projects ». In the words of Enrique Zueco, president of Zytech Solar, « a few photovoltaic modules and some batteries in certain remote communities make the difference between spending the night in darkness or in light, having a night school for adults, a medicine cooler, a computer or Internet connection, even the ability to sterilize water. That’s why we are so proud that our photovoltaic modules are being used by many people in remote areas to improve their lives so significantly”.

EURO-SOLAR: Projects for health and education off-grid installation kits

One example of the applications for which Zytech modules have been used are the 400 off-grid and hybrid solar-wind installations (with a mini wind turbine) of 1000Wp and 1100Wp in Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru with Zytech monocrystalline modules of 160Wp and 170Wp by CYMI.

This project, as part of the Euro-Solar program, has a total budget of 30 million Euros, cofinanced by the European Commission (80%) and benefitting countries (20%). The cooperative project brings rural electrification to remote communities outside the electrical grid enabling basic, valuable infrastructures.

The EURO-SOLAR program is a pioneer initiative at world level of EuropeAid. The program’s primary goal is to promote renewable energies as the motor of human development in the eight most underprivileged countries of Latin America: Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru. Depending on the country, the Ministries of Education or Energy and Mining run these projects according to the needs of their remote communities.

Instalación Ecuador

As part of this project, communities are provided with a 100% renewable energy health kit, for vaccine and medicine coolers and water sterilization systems, and/or education kit, to supply computer equipment. The kit installed in each of the benefitting rural communities comprises, in addition to the energy generating system, five laptops, one multifunction device (printer and scanner), one projector, equipment for Internet access via satellite (antenna, ODU and IDU) and voice over IP, a water purifier, cooler and batteries.

EURO-SOLAR is an integral program: it is not limited to the installation and start-up of equipment, but includes the training of community members in the running and maintenance of the equipment and supports beneficiaries in the development of basic education, health and information technology services and the promotion of productive activities. The final beneficiaries of the program and future kit owners are estimated at more than 300,000 people from 600 rural communities, who are currently not connected to the electricity supply grid.

Solar lighting

Another application for Zytech modules in Latin America is for high performance lighting specifically designed by Phocos for rural illumination. Zytech’s versatility was key to this application when it came to manufacturing modules of different strengths and configurations. The project made use of 3 and 5Wp modules which complemented and adapted to the lighting, including measures, connectors, cables of different lengths…

These latest generation lamps, are found in the majority of Latin American countries and are an excellent alternative solution for economically disadvantaged inhabitants. The lamps can be regulated to three light intensities by the user, with a duration of 5.5, 16 and 55 hours with a single charge thanks to LED technology. As an added value, its batteries can be used to recharge mobile phones and other similar devices. They are, therefore, invaluable to isolated communities without access to the electric grid.

Modules with the best value for money and after sales service

Zytech Solar photovoltaic modules are characterized by their high efficiency, robustness and excellent value for money. They can be installed in off-grid and grid-connected systems as well as photovoltaic plants, industrial roofing, architectural integration and domestic installations. This quality has been recognized by hundreds of clients who have wanted to build their facilities with a reliable and durable product, allowing for faster and more secure return on investment. This is the reason why the company uses the slogan « European quality at the best prices. »

Zytech provides technical advice as an added value to all its customers and installers and has a fast and efficient customer service.

Zytech Solar

Zytech Solar, with corporate headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, USA and China, is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules. The constant obsession for quality and the pursuit of technical innovation through the R & D department ensures products and systems with long life and high efficiency.

Zytech Group

Zytech Solar belongs to the Zytech Group of companies. Zytech Group is a Spanish group of companies with international presence with activities on the five continents. Specializing in the production of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic systems BIPV (BIPV) and independent PV systems, the other group companies are engaged in the manufacture of small wind turbines (Zytech Aerodyne), solar lamps, solar power equipment and electric vehicles (Zytel).

As part of its strategy of diversification within the sector of renewable energy and sustainable transport Zytech devotes significant resources to the investigation of low and high concentration photovoltaic technology and the approval of an electric vehicle with zero-CO2 emissions.

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